Updated: 06.06.2021

A Personal Data Deletion Request is a document through which someone can request that their personal data be deleted from a company, whether that company is online or not. Personal data includes things like legal name, email, financial information, and more.

People request the deletion of their data for many different reasons. They may have once used the company and now they don't. They may have forgotten they gave the company their information. They might be receiving too much junk mail from too many sources and they wish to streamline which of their personal data is out.

This personal data deletion request is a simple document that can be used in any situation to request the removal of personal data.


How to use this document

This document is quite short and simple. It will only request basic identifying details about the sender and the recipient of the request, as well as the reason why the request is being made, and a list of personal data that the sender knows about.

This document can be sent as an email or a regular letter. If it is sent as a letter, it can be printed and signed and then put in the mail. If it will go out as an email, it can simply be sent to the recipient.


Applicable law

There are no specific laws that govern what must be put into a Personal Data Deletion Request. However, it's a good idea to give the recipient of the request as much information as possible to help them quickly find and delete data.



The form can be downloaded directly from us by clicking this link: Personal Data Deletion Form

The Form you download looks like the form below. Just fill in the sections as directed.

************************BEGIN FORM EXAMPLE***************************

To the Data Center of The Raymond Brogan Corporation,

I am requesting to have all my personal data deleted from your records because:

1.  I am no longer a client of the Raymond Brogan Corporation;
2.  I haven't been on the site for a long time and no longer wish to have newsletters, updates, and specials sent to me;
3.  I want to help with the "No Ads Policy" and not have my information available for possible breaches;
4.  My consent is being revoked for personal data processing.
5.  For this reason as well (in your own words):

The information that I am specifically aware of, that you process or retain, is as follows:


If you process other personal data that belongs to me, which I may not be aware of, please consider this request to apply to that data, as well. I would like all of my personal data deleted from your systems.

Please respond in writing to confirm that my request has been honored.


_____________________________________________    ______________________________________
Please Print Your Full Name                                                Signature

Dated this day    , in the Month of       , of the year       .

Client contact information is as follows:
* denotes mandatory field to be complete

*Full Legal Name:

Contact Phone:

 ******************END EXAMPLE FORM***************************

IMPORTANT NOTE:  It may take as long as 2 weeks from the time we receive your request to fulfilling your request due to COVID-19 and employee availability.


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